Corrosion inspection with NDT Radar Solution

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Health monitoring for your metallic structures

About corrosion

Corrosion is a complex electrochemical process that deteriorates a metallic compound by reacting with the environment, especially through an oxidation reaction. Such an undesirable alteration often results in the loss of the main, or even electrical performances, lowering its lifespan.

    Control different type corrosion

    • Uniform corrosion
    • Prickled corrosion (non-uniform)
    • Coated corrosion

    On different types of metal

    • Steel
    •  Ferrous alloys
    • Copper alloys
    • Aluminium alloys

    Coated metallic structures


    A large variety of industrial sectors suffer from inconveniences induced by corrosion with wide problematics related to greater maintenance costs, parts replacement, products obsolescence, assembly lines shutdowns, or more widely, logistical disruption. The early detection of corrosion traces is then primordial to anticipate maintenances or parts replacement.

    Namely, naval and aeronautics sectors are strongly impacted by such problematics, requiring fast and sensitive control methods for corrosion detection. Especially, beyond visual inspection, or contact magnetic methods, terahertz FMCW radars technologies enable the assessment of corroded surfaces beyond multiple opaque paint or protective layers, thanks to a highly sensitive detection through a contactless and harmless process. Through the safe and non-invasive operation of terahertz radiations, long term operators’ health concerns can be put aside for manufacturers.


    ✔ The highly sensitive, contactless method offered by Lytid provides unrivalled performances for detection and visualization of corrosion traces beyond protective paint layers.

    Partially corroded metal plate, covered in protective paint layer. Sample picture, with no detectible corrosion traces and THz image.