Lytid, dedicated to advanced terahertz technologies

Our vision

Lytid is a company dedicated to the advancement and distribution of terahertz technologies across the world. We believe that terahertz is the next big thing in technology. Like the electronics and optical industry, it has the potential to change the world, as we know it, through technological progress.

15 years of applied research

Our scientific background builds on more than 15 years of applied research at the MPQ lab of the Paris Diderot University. Under the supervision of Prof. Carlo Sirtori, co-‐inventor of the QCL technology, we have published work in several of the most recognized scientific journals.

Dozens of lasers delivered

Many academic and industrial laboratories have called upon our know-‐how in terms of design, fabrication and characterization of THz sources based on QCL technology. For example we have already delivered over 50 laser chips to the CEA (French national research center for atomic energy).

A new generation of THz sources

Today, Lytid has developed a next-‐generation THz source that will redefine terahertz applications. We are proud to present TeraCascade, a fully integrated, user-‐friendly, compact and powerful THz source based on state-of-art QCL technology.