Short-wave InfraRed Imaging System

Scientific SWIR camera based on InGaAs sensor technology

HIGHEST dynamic range and LOWEST read out noise EVER achieved

> 640 x 512 pixels

>  0.9 to 1.7 micron

> Vibration & cryogenic-free cooler (77K)

SIRIS is the most versatile SWIR camera on the market, providing high speed with ultra-low noise performances.


Low Read-Out-Noise

< 5 e-

Large dynamic

> 140 dB

High speed 

200 fps full-frame

Dual-mode sensor

linear & lin/log


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An entire world of applications

Astrophysical Observations

Saturn (SIRIS, 100 ms exposure time), courtesy of ENS.

Want to know more?

Laser diagnostic

Diffraction rings of a laser beam through a pinhole (SIRIS, lin/log mode)

And a lot more

Semiconductor analysis

Medical imaging

Hyper-spectral imaging