Sub-THz FMCW Radar transceiver

Multi-skill FMCW Radar transceiver based on state of the art  Schottky-diode technology

>Market-leading dynamic range

>High measurement rate

>Ultra-linear hybrid-digital PLL

>Compact & reliable transceiver

>Monostatic architecture

>FPGA-based signal pre-processing


Highest DR on market

Up to 100 dB

High measurement rate

Several kHz

High resolution 3D imaging

150 GHz

FMCW radar transceiver: powerful mmW tool for non-invasive sensing

Radar transceiver

Compact & reliable, 25 cm x 25 cm x10 cm, weight approximately 3 Kg.

Plug & play, user-friendly, ease integration into sensing system.

Access to both amplitude & phase information, in-depth sensing.

Sub-THz band, great tradeoff between penetration and spatial resolution.

Fast & deeper, 7.6 KHz measurement rate with dymanics up to 100 dB.

FMCW radar, providing extra phase information

Compared to continuous-wave (CW) inspection, Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar has  addditionly the access to phase information contained in reflected signal. Apart from positioning, FMCW radar can be used for sensing, especially for in-depth sensing and 3D imaging, providing a new approch to perform contactless non-destrcutive testing.


Compact & reliable, wide range of application

Based on the state-of-the-art Schottky-diode technology, Lytid’s radar transceiver is compact, powerful and reliable. It can be easily intergrated to different systems to realize quality control, material inspection and other application purposes.

mmW band, resolution & penetration capacities

Millimeter-wave lies between microwaves and IR range, showing a great tradeoff between the penetrating capacity and imaging resolution, which makes it an promising  candidate for both  in-depth sensing and imaging applications and an potential solution for the problematics that cannot be resolved through current NDT techniques.

Powerful data processing algorithm

Apart from the hardware of radar transceiver, Lytid provides additionally advanced data processing software including imaging module and material analysis,  to help user to explore obtained results at the first place.

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NDT solution to explore a wide range applications

Food industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Contactless thickness measurement

  • Defect detection

  • Density sensing

  • Integrity assessment

  • Penetrating and in-depth inspection

  • In-depth interface localization

  • Surface inspection