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Between Microwave and THz

Benefiting from the rapid development of semiconductor technologies in the past years, the latest solid-state devices have surpassed the microwave frequency band, reaching in millimeter waves (MMW) (30 – 300 GHz) and sub-THz (0.1 – 1 THz) bands. Attracted by their huge potential for various applications, numerous laboratories and industries have directed their research efforts into this specific frequency regime. As the needs of the customers from both academic and industrial domains remain at the center of Lytid’s concerns, we provide the TeraSchottky serial device, a state-of-the-art sub-THz source covering the frequency band from 75 GHz to 600 GHz.


Features of MMW & sub-THz radiation

Radiations at MMW and sub-THz frequencies have been shown to be non-ionizing and non-hazardous for biological tissues, thus ensuring the safety of operators and non-destructive interaction with the sample. In comparison to frequencies belonging to the upper-band of the terahertz window, MMW and sub-THz radiations are less absorbed in the atmosphere and possess a greater penetration ability, making them a promising candidate for non-destructive testing (NDT) and sensing applications. Besides, using as a signal carrier, MMW and sub-THz radiations provide a much wider bandwidth than that of RF/microwave signal, thus offering the possibility to perform ultra-fast high-quality data transmission.

A whole world of applications

Thanks to the progress of solid-state technologies, more performant MMW and sub-THz devices are available nowadays on the market. Owing to their specific characteristics, MMW and sub-THz devices have been deployed to cover a wide panel of applications, from non-destructive testing, to 5G-telecommunication, through security screening, remote sensing, automotive radars and spectroscopy. While applications of MMW are plenty, given the rapid development of high-end devices,the full applicative potential of these technologies remains to be discovered, and is waiting for us to explore it.

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