TeraCascade 2000 series

2nd generation of THz laser source based on state of the art Quantum Cascade Laser technology

* Compatible with TeraEyes-HV, upgradable.

>Up to 6 frequency options

> Frequeny switch click

> Powerful output (mW level)

 > Remote control via USB

>Single or Multi-mode

> Cyogenic-free cooling

TeraCascade is a compact, user-friendly and powerful terahertz source


High power, high stability

Up to 7 mW typ.

Multiple frequency option

Up to 6 chips


Tabletop, <10 Kg

Fully automated device

Remote control


Fully Integrated

Semi-permanent vacuum chamber, low-maintenance required.

Automated cryogenic-free cooler, ease-of-use.

Integrated driver, QCL chip in CW/QCW mode.

Automatic power on/off procedure, “turn-key” system.


Compact, 23x 23x 43 cm.

Light, weighs approximately 10 Kg.

Portable, plug&play device.


Fully Connected

All necessary connections are included for easy integration of TeraCascade into the setup of end-users.


  • USB: Connection to computer for remote control
  • Gate in: Slave input for THz cameras
  • Gate out: Elec. chopper signal to lock-in
  • Laser in: Direct connection to the QCL chip

User-friendly Interface

Dedicated software to fully control the parameters:

  • Device scan to ensure the connection with source
  • One-click close-loop cooling process
  • Real-time temperature monitor with security
  • Turn on/off laser button
  • Easy frequency switch by click
  • Adjustable duty cycle to vary output power
  • Internal/external modulation options
An entire world of applications

Real time imaging  

High resolution

Detector characterization

TeraCascade 2000: all features you need in a single box

Maximum reliability

The TeraCascade laser uses the most reliable components available on the market. For example the space qualified cryo-cooler is rated for 200.000 hours of MTBF, which is equivalent to more than 23 years of 24/7 operation.


Ready whatever your application is

Versatility is one of the most important aspects. To achieve maximum flexibility in your application, we have designed a custom laser driver based on several years of user feedback. This allows you to develop any kind of applications.

Quality output beam

The beam quality of a laser source is a crucial point, in particular for imaging application. The TeraCascade laser offers a quasi-Gaussian beam profile and a low beam divergence for an optimal imaging capability.

State-of-the-art technology at everyone's reach

At Lytid, our ambition is to put terahertz technology in everybody’s hands. We have therefore designed the TeraCascade laser with an automatic start-up and shutdown procedure and an easy access to all operating parameters on a touchscreen.

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