Non-contact gauge for inline thickness metrology

Thickness measurement  is an essential criterion for many  industries for production quality control, to characterize the surface paint and guarantee physical, electrical or mechanical  properties. Different thinckness measurement techniques have been developed to satisfy these needs, including magnetic gauge, eddy current gauge, lasser gauge etc. Nevertheless, only a few techniques are suitable for weekly interacting, non-contact measurement, hence preventing contact damages in sensitive cases such as for plastic extrusion production. Additionally, inline high-precision thickness gauge can contribute further to  production optimization by saving raw materilas, which represents a considerable cost.  By performing non-contact thickness mesurement with µm-precision for both single and multi-layer materials, Lytid’s NDT radar solution then features a wide application range.

Minimum thickness: <1 mm

Accuracy : ±5µm

Single-layer & multi-layers

Through a proprietary extraction algorithm employing its penetrating longitudinal sensing, NDT radar solution is featured as a highly sensitive thickness metrology gauge for non-contact, inline inspection. Making use of a careful and deepened data processing, combined to its time-of-flight operation principle, it enables a reliable and streamlined thickness extraction,capable of assessing individual thicknesses in multi-layered geometries.


As depicted below, the thickness mapping of a HDPE 1000 single-layer chart is performed with the NDT radar solution in combination with its dedicated software. This non-contact, one-sided measurement can be easily deployed in a variety of configuration through its adaptability. It is worth mentioning that NDT radar solution is also suitable for multi-layer object with metallic or  dielectric substrate, providing individuel thickness of each layer. 



High accuracy


HDPE 1000 single-layer chart

Thickness varying from 5 mm to 10 mm

3D reconstruction

Proprietary thickness extraction algorithms

Lytid’s thickness measurement tool & software

Material list

Polymers, elastomers, ceramics, foams, woods, fabrics, composites…