Terahertz products range

Terahertz sources based Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) technology

TeraCascade 1000 Series
TeraCascade 100 Series

Sub-THz sources based on Schottky diode multiplier chain technology
TeraCascade 1000 series
Terahertz laser source based on state of the art Quantum Cascade Laser technology
> From 2 to 5 THz                    > CW or Pulsed (QCW)                   > Single or Multi-mode

TeraCascade is a compact, user-friendly and powerful terahertz source


High Power

> 1mW CW

Cryogen free

≤ 6 chips


= 10Kg



Cryogen free closed cycle

4.3” touchscreen control, to fully control the parameters:

  • Output power
  • Pulse frequency
  • Duty cycle
  • Driving current
TeraCascade 1000 series is fully integrated


Compact, volume comparable to two shoeboxes.

Portable, with two handles integrated in the box.

Light, weighs approximately 10 Kg.

Large 4.3" capacitive touchscreen with user-friendly GUI

Fully integrated

Integrated driver, provides both CW and pulsed operation.

Integrated cooler, provides with space qualified Stirling engine.

Automatic power on/off procedure, “turn-key” system.


Fully connected

We have included all necessary connections to easily integrate TeraCascade into your setup
TeraCascade 1000 is ready to integrate your setup

TeraCascade provides all features you need in a single box

Maximum reliability

The TeraCascade laser uses the most reliable components available on the market. For example the space qualified cryo-cooler is rated for 200.000 hours of MTBF, which is equivalent to more than 23 years of 24/7 operation.

Ready, whatever your application is

Versatility is one of the most important aspects. To achieve maximum flexibility in your application, we have designed a custom laser driver based on several years of user feedback. This allows you to develop any kind of applications.

Focused on output quality

The beam quality of a laser source is a crucial point, in particular for imaging application. The TeraCascade laser offers a quasi-Gaussian beam profile and a low beam divergence for an optimal imaging capability

State-of-art technology at everyone’s reach

At Lytid, our ambition is to put terahertz technology in everybody’s hands. We have therefore designed the TeraCascade laser with an automatic start-up and shutdown procedure and an easy access to all operating parameters on a touchscreen.

Full specifications inside the brochure

TeraCascade 1000 series - Plug and play terahertz source!