TeraScan 100
In-depth 3D sub-THz scanner based on FMCW radar technology

> THz FMCW RADAR transceiver

> Plug and play, user-friendly

>  3D THz imaging scanner

> Best cost-benefit ratio on the market

To enable large scale diffusion of terahertz imaging techniques Lytid developped this cost-effective terahertz scanner, TeraScan 100. A turn-key all-in-one tool to easily acquire images and focus on data extraction and exploitation for your application.



< 7 K€

Imaging area
300 x 300 mm²
Dynamic range
Typ. 60 dB
Acquistion rate
Up to 10 Hz

What's inside the TeraScan 100 box ?

1. A high performance 120GHz FMCW radar transceiver in combination with dedicated beam shaping THz optics

2. Fully automated mechanical 3D scanning gantry frame offering a 300x300mm scan area

3. TeraScanEasy© software for data acquisiton and scanner control

4. TeraVisio 3D©, 3D terahertz radar imaging processing and visualisation software

TeraScan 100, terahertz 3D imaging scanner

Turn-key terahertz imaging kit

  • Sub-THz FMCW radar transceiver
  • Interchangeable THz optics
  • x-y-z motorized translation stages
  • 300×300 mm imaging area

FMCW RADAR tranceiver head

  • 120GHz center frequency
  • 20GHz bandwidth
  • 60dB dynamic range in single shot (100ms)
  • Pixel acquisition rate 10Hz
TeraScan 100, terahertz 3D imaging scanner
TeraScan 100, terahertz 3D imaging scanner

High resolution 3D terahertz images

Imaging capabilities
  • 1.8mm spatial x-y resolution with 50mm lens
  • Down to 0.5mm scan steps
  • 300×300 mm imaging area
  • Full area scan time : 2h30

In depth image analysis

3D depth imaging
  • 7mm depth resolution
  • 20GHz radar bandwidth
  • TeraViso 3D data visualization software

TeraScan 100, terahertz 3D imaging scanner
Software TeraScan Easy

TeraScan Easy ©

3D data acquisition software
  • Setup scan parameters
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Access to raw data
  • Automated reference and background acqusition

TeraVisio 3D ©

3D visualization software
  • C-scan (x-y image)
  • A-scan (z) and B-scans (x-z)/(y-z)
  • Depth explorer slider
  • Time-domain & frequency-domain traces available for each data point

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