Short-wave InfraRed Imaging System

Large dynamic, ultra-low noise scientific SWIR camera based on InGaAs sensor technology

> 640 x 512 pixels                    >  0.9 to 1.7 micron                 > vibration & cryogenic-free cooler (50K)

SIRIS is the most versatile SWIR camera on the market, providing high speed with ultra-low noise performances.


Low Read-Out-Noise

< 10 e-

Large dynamic

> 120 dB

High speed 

200 fps full-frame

Dual-mode sensor

linear & lin/log


Full specifications inside the brochure


An entire world of applications

Astrophysical Observations

Saturn (SIRIS, 100 ms exposure time), courtesy of ENS.

Want to know more?

Laser diagnostic

Diffraction rings of a laser beam through a pinhole (SIRIS, lin/log mode)

And a lot more

Semiconductor analysis

Medical imaging

Hyper-spectral imaging